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Topic suggestions

Topic suggestions

Topic suggestions

Topic suggestions and wishes go here. Please add your topic suggestions in English! Presentation slides should be in English. Speeches and sessions can be held in English or Deutsch as well - this is negotiatle.

  • Keynote: How to monetize web 2.0 applications and win 1,000,000 EUR Venture Capital? Thomas Heßler, zanox CEO
  • (Sorry, my travel plan just broke, can't come) Don't be afraid to charge for your web 2.0 service directly. If the service is unique and valuable, people are prepared to pay. Good example: WhatsYourPlace, the only social network in Europe to genuinely center on a virtual good | Tobias E. Lampe
  • Evolving the digital crowd to successful business drivers | Dr. Ralf Belusa, zanox Director Operations
  • More functionality and more revenue for all web businesses with anonymous telecommunication | Mark König, CEO FONYM
  • (Maybe:) China's Web 2.0 and a bit about online monetisation in the People's Republic | Oliver Ueberholz
  • (Maybe:) Monetization with Virtual Goods - a short market overview by Sebastian Küpers
  • (Maybe:) The Digital Curator: Monetizing Orientation in the web age of attention crash and info overload. by Ulrich Schauer
  • (Maybe) Inflight & the Internet - The Last Frontier. Why it has taken so long for internet accessibility to take to the skies and what can we expect in the near future? by Julius Toh, Group Director, Media Sales, Emphasis Media
  • "Best Practises in Connecting Content and Commerce in Web 2.0" by Christian Boris Schmidt Xing Ecato
  • Overview (short) and discussion about ePayment methods/providers by Mathias Fiedler

Topic wished

  • Indirekt Monetizing: Web Projekts as Door Opener
  • Monetizing using Creative Commons
  • Affiliate Tipps & Tricks - Best practises?
  • Optimising Landing pages (darueber kann ich gerne reden, hab 5 jahre erfahrung in pay-per-click kampagnen management und email marketing in den usa, wobei meine groessten projekte drucker patronen, drogen tests, und military merchandise waren, fuer die drucker patronen lag dabei das budget bei $30,000 monatlich, das hab ich dann nach 2 jahren duch seo auf 10% bei gleichem profit reduzieren koennen, bei bedarf kann ich auch gerne noch keyword research mit abdecken, einziges problem ist ich muss um 14:00 am flughafen sein als um 13:00 wieder weg: marc uhlig, coo jupiter labs, ceo stolenmangoes)

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