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Session brainstorming open discussion motivation cooperation for long tail projects

Session brainstorming open discussion motivation cooperation for long tail projects

Brainstorming / Open Discussion: Motivation and Co-operation for Long Tail Projects


Michael Nordmeyer. Freelance Software and Web Developer.

Doing consulting work for over 6 years specializing in Ruby on Rails, Java and .Net (C#).

Over 11 years in the computer industry developing software.


In this open discussion an interpretation of the Long Tail phenomenom and it's application to micro businesses and web projects has been discussed.

The Long Tail was interpreted as a means to use the web to build a side or fulltime business to create non-ordinary products for special interest groups out of the mainstream.


None. A few examples for Long Tail businesses have been shown and consisted of some pictures of notebook and iPod sleeves displayed in their seller's web stores.

Discussion Notes

The goal in this approach to monetize the Long Tail was to establish a small number of projects which generate a small but steady revenue stream with only limited effort for every project to make it worthwhile.

Limited effort means either a fixed amount of time to create and complete the product (e.g. software as a service) or a physical product like a notebook sleeve, for which only a new design has to be made. This will only work out if the products are *very* special to appeal to target group.

This kind of grassroots approach can also prove the competance of the business owner in his field, which improves the visibility in the industry.

Co-operation of micro businesses, freelancers and small businesses including office sharing can add competance to the project, which the business owner not neccessarily has himself. On http://hallenprojekt.de for example those places can be found or added.


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