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One day in June 2009

 Conference Room AConference Room BConference Room C
10:00 amWelcome + Keynote
10:30 amTopic Presentations
12:00 am2009 Session A1?2009 Session B1?2009 Session C1?
01:00 pm Lunchbreak
02:00 pm2009 Session A2?2009 Session B2?2009 Session C2?
02:45 pmBreak
03:00 pm2009 Session A3?2009 Session B3?2009 Session C3?
03:45 pmBreak
04:00 pm2009 Session A4?2009 Session B4?2009 Session C4?
04:45 pmBreak
05:00 pm2009 Session A5?2009 Session B5?2009 Session C5?
05:45 pmBreak
06:00 pm2009 Session A6?2009 Session B6?2009 Session C6?
06:45 pmBreak
07:00 pm2009 Session A7?2009 Session B7?2009 Session C7?
07:45 pmBreak
08:00 pmEnd


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